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Single SideBand

An amazing piece of equipment! Something where you can communicate with over big distances and it needs no satellites, WiFi, cellphone coverage or to be connected to a landline. Good to have in case of emergency in the middle of an ocean.

We are not going to tell you, how it works, what is the best installation, use, brands etc etc. When you have a week of free time just google it. And there are a lot passionate SSB users who are glad to share some of their information and experience.
This is our solution and it works!

  • We bought the Icom 802
  • Control Head and speaker in the Navigation corner;
  • the big black box build in under some furniture in the saloon;
  • the AT-140 tuner in the back of the boat. close to the rudder;
  • grounding is a Kiss;
  • antenna is the backstay (isolated).

Documentation and manuals:
Manual 802 version 11

ps: The book “The Icom M802 Radio Manual for Idi-Yachts” stays on board.