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Consuming electricity

Beneteau First 45F5 -electricity consumers

And we are very good in that!
There are two big groups of consumers:

– the 12 volt consumers like : Fridge, cabin lights, VHF radio, water pressure pump, auto pilot, plotter, GPS, wind instruments, depth sounder, bilge pump, propane solenoid, water maker and I am sure that I forgot something. Lucky we have enough 12 volt electricity in the batteries, so no problem.

– the 110 volt consumers like: The microwave, coffee machine Sonos, 2 laptops, Smart TV, vacuum cleaner, power drill, dremel etc. and all kind of gadgets what have to be charged.
We don’t have 110 Volt in the batteries but there is a piece of equipment (Inverter) that can make 110 Volt AC from 12 volt DC.

So in the end every consumer wants to have 12 volt. Direct or via the inverter. But…. you can not spend more then you produced. So we have to measure what we put in the batteries and what we take out. Lucky we have for that a battery monitor who exactly knows what is coming in and what is going out.